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Gain clarity -- Whatever your situation, you can't avoid the truth with Tarot. Tarot puts you in touch with your higher self, also known as your intuition, and it will force you to take an honest look at your life -- even the things you'd rather not admit! Once you have that clarity, you'll be able to make more responsible choices.

Highlight areas that need work -- Sometimes life gets so overwhelming that you don't know where to begin to make it better. Tarot can help highlight the things you should be focusing on right now in order to get the best results in the future.

Find peace -- Anxiety, worry and fear are often symptoms of living in the unknown. And while Tarot cannot predict the future or tell you for sure what's going to happen, it can tap into what is happening right now. Once you have clarity on the present, it's easier to determine the path you're on and how to change it for the best.

Make difficult decisions -- People often turn to Tarot for advice about what to do, and once again Tarot can't predict the future. But it can provide a snapshot of your present life, and show you a few likely options of where you're headed if you continue on the same path. You can use this information to continue down the road you're on, or make a necessary change.

Improve your life -- Never forget the power of free will! If you see something you don't like about your life in a Tarot reading, you have the power to change it. That's the whole point!